Business Management suite

Modern business tools will organize your business and unleash its growth potential.

CRM, ERP, Projects, Finance, HR, Collaboration etc

About the software

Business management suite  with powerful and comprehensive set of applications to manage every aspects of any business, members can login to access the system from anywhere in the world through any device, CEO’s and managers can easily make informed business decisions by generating automatic visual reports  across any records.

Instead of relying on old business process that scatter your document all over the place, you need a powerful, flexible business management solution to bring different parts of your business together in one place and gain a comprehensive and 360 degree view of your business operations and customer experiences.

You’re welcome to join millions of intelligent companies that understand the importance of modern business solutions to unleash their growth potential and save time.


Sales & Purchase management

These modules help you to control the sales process from the beginning to the end, Increase productivity and lower costs by managing your sales and purchase cycles and displays Real-Time View Of Your Sales Order, Analytics, Sales Partner, amounts, profits and loss, clients, number of meeting, comments etc. Any data you find important can be saved. This module helps you track the communication leading up to the sale by keeping all your form and document in an organized and searchable manner.

Projects management

Whether you’re working on a small personal project or managing a multi-team project for your company or a customer; project management tools can help you get it done more collaboratively and faster delivering both internal and external projects on time, budget and profitability.

Assign ant track tasks, milestones, timesheets and issues with due dates, Associate the project with a customer, employee, case, or another entity so that it can always be easily found. Then, attach files, collaborate, and track progress right from the project’s dashboard.

Finances/ accounting

Manage accounts, transactions and taxes easily such as Bookkeeping, Sales invoices Proforma invoices, Correcting Invoices, Payments out, Payments in        , Cost invoices, Accounting Entries, Chart of Accounts, Payment Entry, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Accounting Reports

Clients database

Keep records of people that are conducting business with you. They could be acting individually or representing an Organization. You can keep any information you want like documents, forms they filled, link to accounting records keep notes/comments of what you think of them. This helps to improve customer relations and identify marketing advantages. It helps organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing and customer service better to gives employees the ability to identify and satisfy customer needs.


Assets are tangible or intangible resources that are rendered to your customers. This module makes it easy for your employees to audit individual product items, and cases resolved upon them. Sold products, Available products and information of individual product item like – Product Number, Serial Number, Date Sold, and Organization Name are stored as Asset records. With Assets, you can store specific information about the products your customers have.

Human Resources

Manage full employee life cycle right from onboarding, Attendance Tracking, Expense Claims, Salary and Payroll, Recruitment, Employees  Performance, Employment Type, Department, Health Insurance, Recruitment, Staffing Plan, Job Opening, Job Applicant, Job Offer, Leave and Holiday Management, comments etc.

Employees Collaboration

Give your employees ability to collaborate, craft engaging and deliver outstanding customer experiences and grow revenue by browsing to Find the best leads, Understanding customers better, Boosting team productivity, Forecast accurately.

Employees permissions or access level

Employees with login details can have different record views; the boss can decide who can create a record, who can edit a record, who can delete a record. Some documents can be made private for only the boss or admin.


The email Campaigns feature helps you to create email campaigns and send beautiful email templates to the selected list of contacts. This module is measured on an engagement scale to help you identify your customers’ areas of interest and campaigning abilities helps you close more deals in less time.

Build Email Template, Create contact Lists, Send A marketing Campaign or Schedule Campaigns to dispatch on desired days, weeks or months later.


The Calendar module is used to plan and manage  your business activities. It was developed with special attention to meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals. It is equipped with all the functions that are needed for effective time management as well as human resources. Your agendas are private but It is also possible to delegate tasks to particular users or groups and a shared calendar allows viewing tasks scheduled for other users. Calendar can also be displayed as a records list.

Employee activity tracking

Every activities employees with login power does is stored in the system such as login time, logout time, records they view, records they edit or delete, even records they created. If they changed 3000 to 2000, it will be recorded.


Use any data to build reports, Create pie, pivot tables, line or bar charts that visualize any data across records, activities and other drivers of performance, then pin charts to your dashboard for frequent use, or export them as file for printing or distribute amongst your team or for further analysis. It’s never been easier to get a real time view of your cash flow, full-fledged accounting reports covering every aspect of your financial history, Use real-time analytics to identify the areas of your business that yield the greatest returns.

Search tools

After all the record and document are stored; your Business Management suite has powerful search tools for quick and effective search and filter of any records.

And more

  • Enables the reviewing of business-critical information in real time
  • Adapts to your changing business requirements
  • Offers you and your team a modern and intuitive user experience
  • Simplifies every part of your operation and helps reduce costs

Helps you and your management team focus on growing your business

How it works


We install, configure and customize your Business management suite to suite your needs, it will be hosted on a USA data center cloud hosting platform to guarantee 100% uptime, speed and security. We will upload sample records, create provided user accounts and train you on how to use it.


Will upload your documents i.e. creating records, search for record and view reports according to access level allowed

Admin/The boss

Monitor records and users activities, creating records, search for record and view reports

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